Actual Play – Delta Green – Love’s Lonely Children Pt. 1

The gruesome death of a prostitute in Cleveland prompts Delta Green to activate a ragtag group of friendlies in the area to investigate.

Warning: The scenario deals with mature content (sexual violence). Listener discretion is advised.

Patrick – Gayle Pershing (Charonic) – Dark Web entrepreneur of murder memorabilia.
Noah – Nathan Massey – Cat burglar
Aaron – William Cooper – Pawnshop owner / fence

Love’s Lonely Children was written by Richard Watts and appears in The Stars Are Right.

Episode 28: Delta Green Scenario Creation

We just recently received our copies of the new Delta Green Handler’s Guide and just had to talk about Delta Green.  Join Aaron, Patrick, and Adam as they discuss different ways to create a memorable night at the opera.

Warning: We discuss violence to children

Areas of Discussion:  Delta Green, Finding Inspiration in the Headlines, When Not To / A Bridge too Far

The following articles / videos were referenced in this podcast:

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Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 26 -Blood Money

Mundane problems, such as diseases, don’t simply stop just because the dead now walk the Earth. Fearing a potential West Nile Virus outbreak, a client contracts Freelance to visit a former research facility and retrieve any information that could be used to combat the predicted outbreak.

Aaron – Munchkin – Child soldier archetype.  Don’t get too attached

Ethan – Taxey – A street tough hustler rapper with a new dependent on the way.

Ian – Tora –  A samurai wannabe who may be more than she appears

Vince – Bonez – Actual Doctor. Wannabe Cowboy. Full-time Taker.