Actual Play – Call of Cthulhu – The Derelict

The icy waters of the North Atlantic hold many secrets. One such secret is about to be discovered …

Despite the concerns and worries of life, a final voyage is being made on the luxury yacht, Delilah, taking the vessel from America to its new owner in England. What promises to be a pleasureable journey across the ocean waves descends into a desperate struggle for survival.

Aaron  – Daniel – Former Cop

Adam – Dennis – Private Security Contractor

Chris – Charles – Author

Kyle – Matthew – Athlete, Diver

Geoff – The Cold Uncaring Void

Episode 26 – Greg Stolze Discusses Upcoming Reign Kickstarter

Greg Stolze gets tricked back onto our podcast to talk about the upcoming second edition of his high fantasy ORE game, REIGN.

Be sure to check out Reign over at over at Atomic Overmind Press.

Visit for more information on Greg and his many artistic endevors.

Want more Stolze?  Check out his podcast actual play Termination Shock.

Actual Play – Red Markets 10K – Episode 19 – Save The Music

Members of Freelance set out to retrieve the lost master recordings of a post-punk noise group, The Incident.  But to do so, Freelance must first brave the elements and sneak into Canada to locate the downed chopper that carried the band and their recording.

Chris – Operator – She’s TOTALLY not a Steward, guys.

Sid –  Prof. Bjorn – Visiting academic going on a hunting trip with his son when the crash hit

Vince –  Bonez – Actual Doctor. Wannabe Cowboy. Full-time Taker.

Actual Play – Red Markets 10K Lakes – Episode 18- Bright Point

This episode of the 10K Lakes Campaign can be found here at the Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast.

In this special episode recorded at GenCon 2017, Freelance has to grab some hard drives. Simple, right?..

Laura – Woodsman – A former high school science teacher, wandering the Loss with a bow and dog. Somehow not dead yet.

Lonnie – Martin Luther – A Latent cultist with a big dream and a very small axe.

Patrick – Catfish – A misguided youth that found himself lured to and abandoned in the Lost.

Rachel – Zero – They’re a mysterious person from parts unknown.