Actual Play – Red Markets 10K Lakes – Episode 11 – Smurfing

The Crash affected everyone differently and just because you survived does not mean that you could cope with what your life had become. Add to it forced servitude under a Randian Cult and desperation can quickly follow. Freelance is hired by Doc Williams one of the indentured medical staff of Mayo to procure a sizable amount of lithium for him to produce “medications” as part of his eventual plans for escape.

Chris H – Operator – She’s totally not a Steward.

Adam T – Shears – Latent beautician tired of your mansplaining

Ian – Vapor – No sacrifice is too great for this taker to achieve their goals – but they don’t want to lose their soul.


Episode 22: Becoming A More Active Player/GM

Have you ever found your mind wandering while at the table?  Does your podcasting co-host constantly play with his fidget spinner while you’re recording?  If so then this is the RPX episode for you.  Join us as we discuss techniques to both plays and game master focus at the table.

Areas of Discussion: being an active player, note taking, including all player characters in on the action, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Evil Within 2 (and Noah’s Twitch stream), and a few other things we got distracted and forgot to mention.