Actual Play – Red Markets – Elevation – EP 1 The Long Walk

The first mistake the Breadwinners made was when they signed the non-disclosure agreement. If they ever talked about what happened on the multi-state walk, their rights would be forfeit. They never expected that information had already have leaked. 

Nick –  Nex – The salesman for the Breadwinners, who had a surefire business opportunity. A slick tongue and good business strategy means nothing when going up against a controlled economy, though. 

Brownie – Von –  A tinkerer familiar with a wrench as tool and weapon. A bit too fussy for his own good, and with, uh, Extreme Luck. 

Adam – Skidz – Her taker brother vanished, so now she has to take up the taker life to care for her niece. She’s quick and on-edge, which is an asset on the job. 

Chris – Decoy – The hero of Elevation, who played a crucial part in taking back the grain silos during an occupation. Definitely not dumb as a post 

Elevation is a Red Markets supplement written by our game master / market Sean Farris.  Elevation comes with the fully fleshed out enclave of Elevation, along with the job lines seen depicted in this actual play series. 

Where did we get all those cool new toys?  Why Veblen Goods, of course.  Veblen Goods is a Red Markets supplement cowritten by Sean Farris and Matt Campen of The Drunk & The Ugly podcast.  Veblen Goods provides players with new tools, technology, weapons, vehicles and optional rules.

You can find both Elevation and Veblen Goods at DriveThru RPG.

You may have noticed that we are play-testing new taker tough spots. Nick Schaake (Nex) created these and you can view them here.

Episode 44 – An Homage

An impulse buy on DriveThruRPG has inspired us to discuss intellectual properties we would like to homage in a rpg game. 

Topics discussed: Kolchak- The Night Stalker, The Black Company, Legion, Old Gods of Appalachia, Twin Peaks, The Highway of Blood

Shout Outs: My Best Friend’s Exorcism, It Burns,  Dororo 

Dream sound effect courtesy of Fesliyan Studios.

Music: Shifty by Bruce Lee.

Actual Play – Star Trek : Mercury – Episode 4

As the Mercury comes under fire, an away team attempts to board the Shoshastakovivh and take the fight to the parasites. Meanwhile, aboard the Mercury Dr. Maro scrambles to develop a means to safely remove the parasites from the hosts.

Birk- Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

Episode 43 – Hachishakusama – Gamifying Creepy Pastas

Note: It is recommended that you listen to the AP for Hachishakusama before listening to this discussion. Spoilers: We spoil the scenario.

Friend of the show Review Cultist of Al Dente Rigamortis drops by to discuss the creepy pasta inspired Fear Itself scenario he recently ran entitled Hachishakusama. Along with sharing some of the inspirations for this game, Review Cultist also offers up some goodies for gamifying creepy pastas.

Hachishakusama can be found on both Al Dente Rigamortis and RPX.

Music: Synthwave by Ryan Anderson

Actual Play- Fear Itself – Hachikaisama

UPDATE: Corrected widget link 1/3/2020

Note:  This AP is part of a cross-podcast promotion between RPX and Al Dente Rigamortis.  If you are subscribed to both of us,  then you will be receiving this update twice.

An Actual Play game based on a discussion on ADR about the Japanese internet urban legend: Hachishakusama (Eight Feet Tall).

A quiet evening at home is suddenly interrupted by a strange phone call from a distant relative warning that “she’s coming for you”.

Adam – Marcus Sato – College student / herse-chasing psychic.

Travis – Ellis Murtaug– Camboy, online gambler, gym rat, catfish, but other than that, a nice dude. 

Actual Play- Star Trek: Mercury – Episode 2

After completing their first mission together, Captain Shelly tasks the crew of the U.S.S. Mercury with participating with the Klingons in a mock invasion of the ship.   Provided with only a skeleton crew, the Mercury’s defenders must repel the invaders while monitoring the newly upgraded automated internal defense systems.  When things go awry, a simple war game may lead to a larger confrontation between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Birk-  Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer

Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security

Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

Actual Play – Delta Green – BLACKSAT

Five astronauts and two specialist head up into space on a classified military operation to repair a secret spy satellite code-named BLACKSAT.  What first appeared to be a chance of a lifetime quickly escalates into introduction to otherworldly horror.

Adam – Diedra Turner M.D.
Aaron        – Lt. Commander Luke Belton
Ethan – Captain Daniel Hamlet
Jeb – Commander Michael Spay
Nathan     – Major Dirk McMillan

Actual Play – Star Trek: Mercury – Episode 1

Note:  Special thanks to Ross Payton and Aaron Carsten of Role Playing Public Radio for donating this Star Trek series to RPX.   

When the USS Mercury picks up a distress call from a Federation ambassador, the crew find themselves in the battling a mysterious outbreak while simultaneously preventing two warring factions from engaging in civil war.     
Birk-  Lenara Maro – Trill medical officer
Sean –Thashiv ch’Tharat – Andorian chief of security
Aaron Carsten – Ensign Platt – Denobulan engineer.

Actual Play – Pulp Cthulhu – The Two-Headed Serpent – Episode 6

The seals have been broken and the hidden temple has arisen from the earth. All that is left to do is enter the temple and get the mummy, then get out of Bolivia. 

Find out what terrors await our brave investigators in this exciting season finale.

 Adam – Eustace Hardin – Former Pentecostal missionary still doing the good lord’s work.
Cam – Rudolph  Paul Brady – Parapsychologist with the gift of clairvoyance.

D –  Roderick Heath – Hard-boiled detective with prior experience with the explainable.

Laura – Irene Hopp – Cultural anthropology professor at NYU on sabbatical ..with her guns.